Beads of Bubbling Amber

How does it get any better than a little homemade maple syrup to top it off? Have you made deliberate efforts of recompense for just being yourself? Someone deserves a brew with benevolent sweet drops from a gray fissured bark of a dutiful maple or even a box elder tree, just because. A dedication to the maple and a further invitation to pay attention when leaves burst from their buds, exponentially, willingly and oh so miraculously. When present in devotion to the sacred company of such poised outstretched life-forces who fill our cells with languid thoughts even when their sap runs dry, if we so permit. Their allegiance to surrounding fellow brethren is commendable…don’t take for granted for even a second the fulfilling essence of trees of all beliefs in supremacy and wisdom that flow through. Other than our own wonderful imagination to harmonize, it doesn’t get more magnificent. Together we are better that’s for certain. It couldn’t be more apparent when senescence is a dodgy place to be, quite uncouth in a dozen generation or so from now and thus languorously as the tapping of a thick maple we wait uneasily for the unknown. But these beads of bubbling beauty remind me how quality manifests itself in many attractive ways if left to their natural ways.

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