Something Happening Here

None other than yourself can comprehend,
amended social circles and life’s conditions,
reexamined interactions, connections and bonds.
had to fall to elude it all.

In spite of the way you taunted me
in the end, it’s not worth proclaiming,
the faux-lovers, the forced intimacies, the crooked deals and awry influences
it had to be, it had to crumble
to clear the way.

The sense of loneliness…aah that pervading solitude of a rutted trail,
that fills the emptiness with someone more compatible and in alignment
with newly found deep life breaths . 

all that I am,
light in my eyes
feet on the ground
heart in tune with the pulses around.

From meek and mild to meticulously sound
be wild,
be adaptable—all is changing my love.

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