Here I am not so much checking out my breeding plumage in the mirror but tete-a-tete with this enigmatic figure, or is she? Another remarkable creation for sure, one that depicts fertility and the life cycle, a central spiritual concern in ancient Mediterranean or with this piece in ancient Aegean. She’s a mastery, isn’t she? A whole other layer of expansion—get naked with what’s in there. What are you afraid to be seen for? Join in flowing with the polarities of light and dark, in isolation to be heard and seen for all pain, suffering and sadness. A liberation within and showing up at an extreme level. Imagined, noticed and guaranteed…here in the age of vitality, all truth will be told. Another level of freedom to unlock the golden age together. This timeline of long-awaited bourne of alignment of releases and breakthroughs, of truths and boundaries, of self-ownership and capacities of celebrations and honor.

“Honor is priceless and glad be he who has it.” –Greek Proverb

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