Great Goddess

Great Goddess of nature of the Anatolian coast…I can just feel this shoreline mist on my lashes and its salty kisses on my lips. For anyone who has roamed the islands of the Cyclades, you know what magic stirs up when you spot a figurine as elegant as she in her simplicity. It’s no wonder she stands arms folded in command here with me in my bathroom tête-à-tête, to greet first thing at grand rising and just before I doze off into lucid dreaming. Kalimera and kalinuxta dearest alabastrine queen. We appreciate your aesthetics unencumbered by what everyone speculates as your meaning. Nothing has changed thousands of years later, always slapping on labels or meaning to someone or something. Why can’t we just be. Here’s to our delusional abstraction. Our bodies as vessels parading us through yet another experience; grateful for the divine design but even more beholden of the magic within it.

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