Be Kind For It Has Always Been You

In Suzanne Simard’s discoveries, she witnessed trees sharing “information that actually is important to the health of the whole forest.” In addition to warning each other of danger, Simard says that trees have been known to share nutrients at critical times to keep each other healthy and that trees in a forest are often linked to each other via an older tree she calls a “mother” or “hub” tree. We can remember a thing or two from the language of trees. Ever feel the rapture that overcomes you when entering a forest? Linked by the underground network of fungi, these social creatures must feel like they are in a rave of ecstasy when they are not signaling to one another data that’s vital to the health of their community. Isn’t that how we are meant to live? Like our sentient forest friends, we are biologically designed with the connectivity of space that stem from particles on the boundary linked by correlations known as quantum entanglement.

And yet the mission to obscure that fact that it’s not possible to control our awareness is consistently threatened with armies of assistance. How do we win this ongoing conflict once and for all? We decide we want to be alive more than anything else in the whole world. I’ve got my eyes on the hub, on big mama. Across from this spectacular live table, I witnessed how the magic comes alive as these sparkling little souls clustered around their mama after exploring their new surroundings on their own for a few minutes and then reconvening to share some nutrients together. Blessed are the children for their magnificence in their light; Blessed are the mamas who are letting go of the manufacturing of our subjugation and our own insignificance. We hold the sacred space where we all came from, everything else is a distraction.

It’s why we are here. It’s what this world should be celebrating…strong, healthy, loving confident and connected children on their way to their authentic adulthood and their mamas who are the divine connection to all other worlds. Viva la free spirits, our resplendent sparks of hope, our future, our path back to alignment in discovering life in all its rapturous delight and to mamas reclaiming our gardens sowing our seeds in a world that is ours to cradle and coo.

Going beyond our compulsory concept of ourselves is socially risky, of no fault of our own but of historical and pass down nuisances. Why do we resist that leap into the unknown if “going beyond our boundaries brings us an ecstatic awareness of how we are truly created in connection with all that is,” describes Cynthia Sue Larson.

It’s only when we hit that wall of social and cultural resistance to expanded consciousness when we interact with reality. We are all artists in many ways…it’s so apparent when we were our smaller sized selves. Here’s to catching a glimpse of our universe beyond the banality of how we conditionally sense it. Here’s to mothers of the world. Feliz día de la madre!

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