Love Me Mini

How often have you paused to attentively zone out on an individual bloom or anything for that matter? When the sun hits these little darlings just right you can’t help but stop in your tracks to admire. After musing over them for days, I snapped a photo to add to my collection in this space realizing how magical this bold sprout is for bursting through. After years of welcoming a little pilea plant into my nest, waiting anxiously for it to propagate let alone bloom creamy starlets like this, to no avail. In fact, a few of its distinctive rotund leaves were more interested in turning tawny and dropping than budding. I must not be providing the tropical conditions it prefers I thought as I shuffled it around different niches in the nest. Thankfully, it was very forgiving and eventually started thriving and continually flaunts its new foliage proudly. While I now have a few of these love me mini’s strategically placed in their sunny alcoves, none but this one unequivocally has my heart, or rather is an extension of my heart. Quite a splendid job of revealing the unexpected mimi-starbursts and I can’t help but wonder how the shift in energy in the nest the last few months had something to do with kindling these diminutive flowers. I can’t help but wonder how my burst of pluck encouraged this prized plant to go for it as well. Pileas occasionally bloom but their tiny treasures more often go unnoticed…hmmm.

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