Keeping the Spirit

SONY DSCof the holidays in your nest…frankly some days this is an indispensable welcome. A turbo boost within your week, maybe Wednesday evening will be one of those days where you may consider that a show-stopping-table setting is in order…simply because. I think holidays are grouped together for this reason. The eve of the New Year falls a week after the eve of Christmas. In 2013 some celebrated “Thanksgivukkah,” as Thanksgiving was the day after the first Hanukkah candle was lit. In 2014, Feast of the Epiphany and Three Kings Day land on the 6th of January…are you up for another piece of cake? The culinary treat that is specific to the holiday is known as ‘Roscón de Reyes’ or Three King’s Bread; this sweet bread is shaped into a circle and decorated to signify a king’s crown. It also holds a special surprise.
SONY DSCIn our nest, we make Vasilopita on the first day of the New Year in honor of the great Saint Basil. This fourth century bishop would try to help the needy by anonymously hiding gold coins in cakes that were delivered to the poor. The Vasilopita is also baked with a surprise, an auspicious coin wrapped in foil. Whoever receives the piece with the flouri or lucky coin will be honored with good fortune for the rest of the year. This year that fortunate soul, was my youngest—the first piece we sliced. That is his spirit, up front and wham-bam-thank-you-mam kind of guy. Although he did assist in making the pita this year, he had no idea which one contained the coin—he just wanted the first piece from the time we ushered the batter into the oven. This year in addition to the touch of brandy and orange zest, I added a touch of ginger for that healthy zing! Lately we have been using ginger in our pancake mix as well, an ingredient that is not so subtle in flavor, yet in line with our courageous crusades this New Year. Try a little in your dessert or blueberry infused pancakes and taste the adventure in your nest. I managed to find what seems like the ideal spot for my thrift store discovery so that when we do desire a little essence of the holiday, I know exactly where to go to grab, light and enjoy a candlelit evening meal.

SONY DSCIs today your day for your festive restoration?

4 thoughts on “Keeping the Spirit

  1. What a wonderful idea…keep the holidays going! I like the idea of putting a little celebration into an unexpected night of the week, too. The Three Kings Bread, and the accompanying story and tradition, is new to me! I would love to be prepared next year to make this part of our family’s tradition. Your little guy is simply adorable. What a happy little face…that warms my heart. Happy New Year to you both. ox


    • It’s amazing how a little effortless cake with a prize can make your year literally! I always remember the slicing of the cake and waiting in anticipation for the prize–it was better than the actual eating of the cake. Thank you for your kind words. Wishing you and your expanding family in one nest a wonderful New Year as well–it will be memorable I am sure.


  2. I love the idea of the Vassilopita with a coin of good fortune inside. What a fun tradition. I remember when I was little and went to birthday parties, some mothers would wrap up coins in wax paper and hide them in the cake. It was always fun to see what you’d get.


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