Calling all Beachcombers

 SONY DSC“My mother says you can ask the ocean to bring you something. If you look, she says, you might find it.” Debra Frasier writes this in her book, Out of the Ocean. Whenever we read this book at nighttime, I wonder if the boys dream of adventures on the sand or in the deep blue as they lay their heads to rest. As I read Out of the Ocean last night on the eve of the new year, we made intentions that this book would be the spirit of the year 2014 for us. Children innately look for treasures from the ocean so what happens to us along the way when things out of the ocean no longer seem to mesmerize us? Have we lost curiosity for the sun, the heavens, and the waves to our electronic devices? Nature’s wonders will continue to be amazing even without any accolades from us, but what kind of people will we be without a connection to them? What treasures will you find in 2014? IMG_1661 IMG_2166

No matter what your journey offers, remember that exploring for treasures can be just as fun and even more inspirational and adventurous.

What essence of the new year will you experience in your nest? We will have an exciting, courageous and venturesome day beach-combing today and continuing the practice of being more connected with Mother Nature and the abundance she offers.Tidepool fun 59 Happy New Year all adventure seekers and happy embarking with your 2014 enterprise. Searching for Precious Metals 8

6 thoughts on “Calling all Beachcombers

  1. I’m so glad I didn’t miss this post entirely. Somehow I didn’t see it when first published, but it comes at a good time. I’m back to work now, and in the flow of “the routine.” I find so much joy when at the ocean’s edge, and I need to experience a beachcombing day very soon! We are so fortunate, aren’t we, to have a climate that makes that possible in January! My new year is going to be full of adventure. We are expanding our family of two to include my daughter, her husband and our two granddaughters…all under one roof until we build our cottage in the back. I am excited and challenged…both! Believe me, I am looking at our nest with very new eyes. 🙂


    • Viva la moderate temperatures! Happy to hear you will take advantage of the weather. Courage to you on your adventures in your transforming nest–I’m sure your new perspective on things will be thrilling! Happy Nesting to all!


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