Simple, Hearty and Restorative

IMG_3543 Just like a homemade bowl of mom’s soup, your nest should make you feel the same! What better time to create this sensation than the first month of the year? Sure you can add fresh blooms for that essential restorative living décor, but why not start with something bigger? Dare to connect to something bigger than yourself, whether you call it God, Allah, the Universe, or Nature—there is an indispensable force that beats our hearts, faithfully grows new cells, and keeps the sun shining brightly upon our naïve faces. How do you connect with the powerful energy that taps into your Highest Self so that you feel like you are a component of something bigger? IMG_3518IMG_3496  IMG_3557IMG_3545  IMG_3579IMG_3561

When I feel connected to this energy, I feel like I can do anything. IMG_3555 IMG_3552  Just as life moves gracefully because I am aware of a greater supportive force, so can my nest be embodied with this passion. IMG_3574IMG_3536 I’m kicking off the New Year Clean and embracing more outdoor adventures and so my nest will adapt to my new experiences. Lots of colorful, organic, whole foods (non-GMO) everywhere and comfortable tennis shoes at the front door ready for a spontaneous dash to crisp air and clear vistas.

Do anything and everything that gives you a sense of something bigger… a bigger perspective, bigger connection and bigger love.  IMG_3549IMG_3548

Apply your new endeavors to recreate this connection in your nest. What will inspire you to restore and evolve the mood of your nest this year?  Skyline 52Skyline 55Skyline 53IMG_3528 Curious about Clean? See what I wrote here and here.

11 thoughts on “Simple, Hearty and Restorative

    • Thank you! The light is amazing here, however, right now we have concerns with our water supply. Here’s to hoping for lots of rain this New Year. Hope you are able to enjoy the snow!


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