The January Cure–Let’s Get Clean!

IMG_7769…so cliché non? Nonetheless, I charged through the long winter month like a courageous charioteer IMG_3526 and it felt exhilarating! My nest is revitalized, refreshed and ready for guests. It was an arduous task but I fervently gripped my chariot reigns on the bumpy road the entire month of January, with an end of the month weekend get-away only to appreciate my start-of-the-year cleanse more upon my return.  My nest has never felt cleaner. Yes, I put in the extra blood sweat and tears but every last dust ball has been defeated which drew more tears to my eyes—tears of joy! IMG_7720

Is my nest perfect now? Far from it…I dream about my office nook non-stop and know every feminine nick knack that will adorn the masculine tables and chairs I have in mind. Are you hesitant to invite friends over because your nest isn’t perfect? Even friends won’t wait forever. Pick up the phone and ask them to join you for some giggles in your nest. They won’t mind that you have a makeshift office space—they will only remember the fits of laughter you enjoyed together.

The January Cure or Cleanse didn’t just involve my nest, but my body as well. To be truly clean and uncluttered you must begin within yourself. Getting clean requires a Herculean decree from within. A support group is advantageous to cheer you along the way and help you reach your ultimate goal—to rejuvenate your body. After finishing the over twenty day cleanse, I feel lighter, healthier…simply clean.

IMG_7344  Start living clean—pick up Clean by Alejandro Junger, M.D. and see for yourself the transformative IMG_6522effect that will embrace you. Check out what Gwyneth Paltrow is saying about the program on Goop.comIMG_7809

Keeping clean the rest of my life will always be a labor of love. Labor because we are challenged every minute by toxins from the air we breathe to the so-called food we eat. Love because I love the lightness I feel living Clean.


While embarking on the Clean program, create a place of comfort, connection and retreat in the bedroom. It’s the room where shoes are forgotten, soft cozy pajamas feel like heaven and long peaceful nights are spent dreaming. After ripping off the plastic bed-bug protectors from under my nose and sleeping on pure cotton sheets and a non-synthetic mattress protector, I have proudly taken a giant leap as an invincible Clean charioteer in my nest.

The bedroom is the room we start our day in as well as end our evening in. Why not get your bedroom nest off to a triumphant start this year by encompassing Clean. Your nest will look and feel spa-like and your body will thank you enormously for the changes.  Al Bunde 2

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