The Writer’s Table

who who  Silence–not one a peep. Sorry little birds, I do enjoy waking up to your flight at the break of dawn every morning. Your chirping is sweat music to my ears but not at this hour. No distractions please—only the warmth of the morning rays hugging me and a cup of steaming tea by my side, and of course the keyboard. With all these factors, I can tap away at the keyboard for hours. It never happens for that long with two boys groggily tugging at my side by 7:30am—my train of thoughts instantly derail.

Dusk 8  I don’t like to get too comfortable on any time slot so sometimes twilight writing is the way it has to be to create another post (as long as I don’t fall asleep reading another William Steig picture book by 8:30pm.)

IMG_5183  A wagon wheel table that we once broke bread on and a patio seat that is way to low causing much strain on my shoulders is the writing station du jour. If I had an inch of artistic talent, I would sketch my dream desk, but I will spare you the image. Santa must have been speeding past my nest—he forgot to get me a desk!

Thanks for the thrill! this post

5 thoughts on “The Writer’s Table

  1. Lovely space, despite the lack of desk! You’ve described your process beautifully! Are those little owls yours? I took a photo of “them” at a recent trip to Roger’s Gardens in Newport and I’ve been wanting to go back and bring some home to my house! 🙂


    • No, those Owls are actually huge. They sit in front of the Newport Beach Library–not to far away from Roger’s Gardens. If I recall correctly it has something to do with a thank you gift from a city in Japan. Will research and get back to you.


    • You can bring the owls home now–just saw them at Homegoods–many different sizes and priced from $29.99 to $19.99. The one in Topanga has a few, however, hurry, I hear items move the quickest at this location than any other one in Southern, CA.


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