Hold onto Your Worry Beads

this is fascinating 2  Over the holiday break I consciously spent less time on the commuter and more time reading books. It’s so tempting, convenient and extremely addicting to read everything online, enter but due to the surprising chill in the air, I stayed under the covers reading a good ole fashion paper book. I received a few books as gifts and choose to read f**k it the ultimate spiritual way by John C. Parkin first. In a nutshell, Parkin humorously suggests to f**k it to all our problems and concerns and do what we want, what makes us happy without the thoughts or concerns of others.

Parkin suggests conscious breathing. Obviously, he is not the first one to enlighten us with this theory but he reminded me to think about my breath—not just when I’m in a yoga class but when I am cooking, or waiting in line or driving. So if you notice that my belly is puffed out at times that’s because I am practicing my conscious breathing.

It’s easy to derail from this method of breathing since we have been shallow breathing for quite some time now. How do we master this Jedi breathing? I remind myself every time when I spot my worry beads which are used in various cultures for meditation, protection from negative energy and to relieve stress. Worry beads or prayer beads are full of positive energy and bring you to life. Semi precious stones have attracted people with their colors and charming gloss since ancient times.     IMG_7245

IMG_6747  In Greece, many mature men hold their komboloi, or worry beads in their hands and play with them while perched at a café.  SONY DSC Does this gesture remind them of the ancient inner wisdom to breathe, I wonder? I highly doubt it, but they do eagerly relax on a straw woven chair to enjoy the moment with others of the same gender.  They choose to enjoy a smoke, sip a coffee, savor a meze, listen to music or play backgammon without thinking about their burdens and obligations. They are saying f**k it and even though they may not be consciously breathing, they are clearing the clutter in their mind and just being.  IMG_6952  IMG_6954

What better place to savor the moment than in your nest. Find something that will transport you mentally and physically to a refreshing realm. Take a few conscious breaths and see how it will catapult you there. Hear that inner voice. What’s it saying? Allow it to guide you to the best possible decisions. Once you master this technique in your nest, bring it into your workforce, on the field, on your commute–everywhere! Remember the more you sharpen your intuitive ability the more awake you will feel. IMG_5944 Is your nest an inspiring and restorative getaway? We all have our journeys to make. What are you waiting for? Don’t let another year pass. May you breathe more consciously in 2013 with or without your worry beads.  IMG_3064  IMG_0740  IMG_7232 IMG_7244 IMG_7247  IMG_7251

9 thoughts on “Hold onto Your Worry Beads

  1. I enjoyed the story behind the worry beads. It makes me want to go out and buy some for their beauty and as a good reminder of conscious breathing and positive energy. I have heard John C. Parkin speak a couple of times on Hayhouse Radio and the first time I was so shocked by what he was saying I thought I must be hearing him incorrectly! I wasn’t prepared for THAT word said outloud. LOL! But the context of what he has to say is helpful. Thanks for such a good reminder of the importance to keeping our “nests” as stress-free as possible. Home is my hideaway, and I have a sign on our gate that reminds anyone coming onto the property that this is a “de-stressify zone.”


    • The benefits of satellite radio–how else would Parkin get his message out on the radio, non? I like your idea of your De-stressify zone sign and may have to incorporate it into my nest as a reminder.


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