Who is The Minister of Happiness in Your Nest?

Macy Bells Woodland Hills 5 Yes, such a title does exist in the tiny Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. Perched on top sub-alpine heights, the people of Bhutan emerged with a philosophy which long ago pledged not to let Gross Domestic Product overshadow its Buddhist ideals. Voila the title, Secretary of Happiness was born and Bhutan ‘s quest for Gross National Happiness has evolved into a daily aspiration. What kind of burning desire does a State like Bhutan have? To focus on creating suitable conditions that can lead citizens to fulfilling and hopefully enjoying happy lives.      IMG_3067    How will you gauge your Gross National Happiness in your nest?   IMG_5136

It’s apparent, at least it’s manifested on paper, that a happy workforce or a happy home makes for productivity and success. But what makes us happy in our cozy nest? For me it’s…

Passion    IMG_7308

Fun    Bowers Museum 4

Wisdom   Return of the Swallows 5

Life   IMG_7824

and Laughter   Whale Watching 13

Moods vacillating with circumstances of the day will only leave you emotionally drained. Don’t focus on where or what you are lacking, but what you have to share. Share some happiness. Children are a great motivator for this—“Come on join in,” my son says as he follows the lead of his younger brother belting out Mamma Mia and wiggling to their spontaneous lyrics as if it’s a Top 40 Hit. “Why not!” I say and join in for a few laughs with a couple of fun, passionate, brimming-with-life-little boys and yes, full of wisdom. This is my happy nest.  After all, the food I was frantically trying to prepare can wait a few more minutes while we twist and shout.

IMG_4673  “Seeking happiness outside ourselves is like waiting for the sunshine in a cave facing North.”  –Tibetan saying.
Don’t waste another minute–lavishly enjoy your nest this very moment. Create conditions for the well-being of all fledglings in your nest and the pursuit of the ultimate goal of happiness will be achieved.


5 thoughts on “Who is The Minister of Happiness in Your Nest?

  1. As we all go about our busy lives we do forget to enjoy the things right in front of us. Often I listen to people lament about wanting something they don’t yet have–and presumably need–with the thought that if they finally obtain that “thing” they will then be content and happy. We here in the west need to be reminded that happiness is likely right in front of us. We just need to slow down and look. CL


    • Thanks for stopping by and sharing with us. I hope for everyone’s sake we can show a little more restraint with material happiness and be more intrigued with Sophia. And by Sophia I don’t mean a name, I mean a thirst for wisdom or a deep understanding and realization of people, things or situations which result in the ability to apply perceptions, judgments and actions in keeping with this understanding. In other words curb our emotions and feelings of keeping up with our neighbors.


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