Foraging for Your Nest–

IMG_1774   “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. I could not relate to the lyrics of Edward Pola and George Wyle when I was living in the part of the country where extreme weather conditions ambushed us whenever and for however long Mother Nature’s heart desired. I never fathomed how in the current moment of spontaneous freezing, below zero temperatures, windshield factors and white outs this song was highly selected by DJ’s  year after year to resonate in our ears during the harshest season. Living in a place now where I usually have to search for a pair of socks or throw on a heavy sweater when the song plays brings tears of joy instead of torturous pain of the anticipated long winter ahead. The fleeting spring season was a much-anticipated haven before the ensuing hot and balmy summer.

So for my friends living in the Adirondacks or other parts of the world with extreme weather conditions—this post is for you…can you smell it in the air?    IMG_1855IMG_2314  IMG_2979 I recall how elated I would be opening the door in mid-March and breathing in that first day of warmth. Buds ready to burst with life, little pockets of green and maybe a surprising full-blown blossom–now that is the most wonderful time of year!

Resist the urge for retail therapy—I recall the desire to purchase everything so brilliantly displayed in stores.  IMG_0747  Something about the pheromones of spring to induce us with temptations of starting new.

IMG_5895  There’s nothing wrong with a fresh spring start, in fact I encourage it for your little nest. Your home sweet home is sweet because it’s an evolutionary one. We grow out of things, things wear out, we desire change—go with the flow by using nature during this special season. IMG_8089  Keep it simple with a few fresh prunings and pair it with an old vase.  IMG_8732 Change the cover slips of throw pillows and don’t forget to fluff them and bring them back to life after months of lounging on them. IMG_8163 Dust off an old recipe book and try some new vittles.  IMG_8121   Don’t forget your local farmer’s market–it’s a new season and time for some new colors to display in bowls or glass jars. IMG_8699       IMG_2773IMG_8688

Resist the urge to fill up your nest with impulse purchases. When you first see the irresistible item on the shelf, ask how will this make me feel in my nest? What will it teach my family? And always, always be grateful for all the fortunes you have! Happy Foraging—It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

3 thoughts on “Foraging for Your Nest–

  1. March is my least favorite month in Ohio because you get teased with the thought of spring, and just when you think it’s finally here, snow happens and it’s cold again. As was the case this morning. Sigh. But then April comes, and the teasing goes away, and spring is finally here. 🙂


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