Gather Around the Pepper Tree

SONY DSCSONY DSC Not a day goes by without a feathered or winged friend that visits this tree boasting of minuscule pink fruits. While a couple more of the dense foliage trees spot our garden, this particular cluster of multiple trunk trees make for a fine sculpted specimen alongside our nest. Its design screams garnish me with lighting and admire my elegance even in the dark. Until I get around to that task, I will continue to adore this hardy tree from my office space as well as from our round table nook where we feast. And while our daily visitors buzz around this sprawling habitat for its pink peppercorns, we savored our Thanksgiving meal with a few clippings in a mirrored vase around these apparently common pink delicacies. SONY DSCSONY DSC While not related to the tropical vine that produces black or white peppercorns, don’t be duped into paying a high premium at gourmet stores—they can be spotted in many landscaped areas as well as in the wild. I won’t be harvesting these pink clusters for my savory dishes since I think this maybe a Brazilian pepper tree, berries are smaller and the rotund leaves don’t droop like with the Californian or Peruvian pepper tree, (Ruben, anyone, anyone…help me out?) Tempting as the fruit was to Adam, I will verify that this variety doesn’t contain urushiol, an oily allergen found in poison ivy and poison sumac before I sprinkle any of these bad boys on a dish. Whatever the verdict on the tree, it will continue to be special to me and to the sparrows, hummingbirds, bees and butterflies that frolic around it. SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC

11 thoughts on “Gather Around the Pepper Tree

    • I do see them around however, I never paid close enough attention to find out exactly what kind of pepper trees they may be. I think my view has turned me into an introvert…I am content watching the activity around the pepper tree. Enjoy breathing lighter when you spot your next pepper tree.


    • Thank you. I can’t imagine what that would feel like to ingest poison ivy! Hopefully nobody ever has to deal with that discomfort and we will just wonder. I did verify that this is a Brazilian pepper tree (thank you Garden Betty!). I figured it was however, I was hesitant to harvest for my spice drawer. I don’t think I will have an allergic reaction to them since I am not allergic to cashews (it is related to the sumac and cashew trees.) So hopefully when you all visit I can offer you some pink peppercorns.


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