I’m Listening

I do not know all that I need to know about making a baklava, nor am I aware of the last discovery that has been made of this decadent delicacy. But I listen to the soft whisper and the unknown powers within me steer me to try a new version with every attempt. My favorite to date is the cardamom and chocolate one made with pistachios and walnuts. https://thefolia.com/2019/03/17/auf-wiedersehen-anneliese/ This last shot-in-the-dark, I used almonds for the first time with an extra effort of melding sugar and cream into caramel also known as turtle baklava. Not too sweet with a touch of molasses for a bitter zing that doesn’t compel too many popping of mini flakey trapezoid shapes into your mouth.

I’m lenient with myself and allow for what I call instinctive ingredients (i.e. whatever I have on hand) and as time goes by, the important steps of this process are based on the unseen forces just as science continues to show in an unmistakable way that there is a law behind every created thing, nothing happens by chance…there is no chance in the universe.

This is what I claim with my endeavors with the fine layers of phyllo, an abundance of butter, clarified or not and whatever nut I am feeling to create with at that time…all is governed by immutable law. Instead of creed or dogmas, deprived of veracity made by the hand of man, indeed a long-run illusory ruse, I persist with the dance within. I may miss a step or two or even step on one’s foot but the greatest thing at the moment is the presence on this plane of the greatest power I have ever known…the power to create within my full knowledge any desire of my liking. And I guard this as my highest esteem. Growing more intimate with my life’s spirit that unseen absolute power necessitated by a quietness of the heart right here in my galley of surrounding mighty, eternal azure realm, enveloped in my innate capacity which although not recognized before or even wholly now, is still in existence.

I’d be happy to pass this recipe onto you or bid you good luck, but something tells me you won’t need very much of it, instead I’ll say be still and listen. I will inspire you with flavoring agents to the delicate, crispy phyllo such as chopped chocolates, dark brown sugar, honey, molasses, date syrup, maple syrup, ground ginger, cloves, cinnamon, allspice, cardamom, nutmeg, and any nut you can imagine, you are only limited by your own imaginations. Last but not least, I have always used plenty of butter, clarified or not it makes it all the more magnificent.

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