auf Wiedersehen Anneliese

There are times when people have wronged you and things grow difficult…so dreadful that you don’t know how things will ever turn around for the better. It’s mid-March and I feel like the last furled leaf hanging from a frozen branch, stuck in mid-frigid air.

What am I hanging on for, surely there is an amicable discovery to unearth in my path? And then things perpetuate in the wrong direction and instead of amelioration, there is deterioration. Times like these I picture myself in the warmth and hallowed grounds of Anneliese. No matter how your day was going, from the moment you stepped foot on the verdant surroundings, your pain and distress melted away.
I recall those mornings when I walked the boys up to that magical foyer…it took my breath away. There is not a school that comes close to the spirit of Anneliese. Ms Leah or Ms Tina always welcomed you with a smile. Upstairs a bath was drawn, cold, “it wakes me up and invigorates me,” Anneliese would say. The kinder below would stroll into circle time and their sweet voices breaking into song drifted up to her.

When she was ready to start her day, she would come down the stairs and chat with them in the foyer, pose a riddle or even lead them in song. Sometimes math facts were asked in German, and the kinder would always respond back in her native tongue as well. It was peaceful and quiet at times when the children were in classes. It was a place to dwell in the moment; a place to imagine your future. A place with only beauty to behold; a place that restored your soul.The peaceful, loving matriarch of the schoolyard, Anneliese, puts all her trust in the children of her school. She understands that everyone learns differently and that the mind is infinite. She sees it her duty to awaken and excite children into learning but that the real power is within each child. She emphasizes on the comfort of the environment and boosting confidence in the kinder; it’s only then that children are teachable.

Even if someone wronged her, she was full of compassion. People who do wrong are in need of it the most. She never gave up on a child, even if the parents had already, at least they had a safe place at school. My favorite memories are the special ceremonies and art exhibits which the children not only delighted in taking part in the preparations but felt a sense of fulfillment afterwards. There was always a Bavarian feast to follow. Good food, good company and with the staff, teachers and kiddos working so hard, it’s worthy of a show of gratitude and a celebratory slice or a flute full of bubbles.

I’m trying to nudge out the winter blues here in our nest, with a celebratory feast and trying to show compassion, even to those who wronged me. Beauty indeed is in what we do, not only what we see. Auf Wiedersehen Anneliese. Until our reunion, under a drooping vine on Manzanita Drive, I anticipate another magical moment where the sound of birds chirping to the rhythms and laughter of children and I splash into your jammy soup of wonder. Until then, I have a long sojourn to joy.

19 thoughts on “auf Wiedersehen Anneliese

  1. Sounds like the kind of learning atmosphere that should exist in every school!
    Also, great philosophy to show compassion to those who ‘wrong’ you because it is true that anger and hate only corrode the vessels they are carried in…

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    • Beautifully put my friend. Thanks for your encouraging words. My boys definately had a great start with school, unfortunately moving here so hastily, we made the worst decision of our lives with their schools.


  2. The snow out of your window might not help your feeling of despair. It is hard to see the end of winter when spring doesn’t seem to bring any change, but keep faith and good spirits, before you know it your backyard will be filled with flowers. And you will find an opportunity to revisit your old stumping grounds.

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  3. I miss you and am sending you hugs. You will be happy to know that they built her a beautiful house next door where she can hear the children through the windows. Otherwise, it is just as you left it. We walk past sometimes on our way to the pool. Take heart: spring is around the coming and there’s only a few months left of school…

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  4. I can only imagine how comforting it would be to have the children under the loving and watchful eye of Anneliese and her skilled team of teachers and nurturers, Cristina. You are committed to recognizing how a teaching environment helps children unfold into who they are meant to be, and I know that you do all you could possibly do to make your nest a warm and loving home. It is hard to not match that same intention in their everyday schooling. I’m so sorry you’ve experienced a “wrong” that is heavy to carry, and I am confident that in time you will be free of that burden. Continue to invest in your creativity at home and as spring opens up, I know you’ll be so ready for the warmth of a new spring. Your photos hold lots of “deliciousness,” and my mouth is watering. 🙂

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    • Always a pleasure to have you stop by my space and thank you for your words Debra…your encouragement is heartening. I fell hard for our nest because of the indoor greenhouse and how it reminds me of that special place of wonder that my children’s former school invoked. The culture here is less than admirable and there is absolutely no accountability…it’s shameful. It’s time to move on seasonally, spiritually and academically.

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      • I wish I could just sit with you in that beautiful home of yours and listen, Cristina. I can hear that there is so much going on. One thing I have seen, however, is that you aren’t just artfully creative, you live creatively! And I know that as time goes on you’re going to continue to find ways through the complexities of where you’re living. I’m really pulling for you. xx

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      • Thank you friend for those kind words, what an idyllic invitation, I’m very touched. I wish more people could be as thoughtful and simply listen, really listen. Moving has a funny way of bringing us face to face from the things we try to escape from. With nowhere else to go, I am grateful for Red and the comfort she provides my family. She will always listen, and she will always push me to be and live more creatively, at least I have that. Cheers to living creatively no matter what life challenges us with.

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  5. “Beauty indeed is in what we do, not only what we see.” How true and what a difficult thing to achieve in daily life. I so admire how you do this through reflection and creativity. Wishing you peaceful healing as you move forward.


  6. Christina, this is such a beautifully vivid, and true-to-life description of this magical environment as you experienced it. Thank you for sharing your beautiful musings…


    • You are lovely to say Maria! Thank you for being there for the kinder and for following me along this little space of mine. You must have read my mind today, baby bear had a fall festival at school with farm animals and I finished describing to her about the magical school her brothers attended..hope all the animals are going strong!

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      • Christina, I just came across your reply, and can imagine there are often reminders of your time at our little slice of childhood heaven. Wish you were still here…

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