A Mysterious Place to Be

Went away for some quiet and to fall into some good company on the fringes of this planet. Red tide prevented me from a picture-perfect experience…but I managed to immerse myself with shoreline strolls as observantly and curiously as possible. Then again, it’s been like a superpower of mine lately…to discern and be inquisitive that is. I don’t like what I have been noting lately…we have some work to do in this great awakening from dormancy. Instead, we are actively retreating if we buy into the latest fear trend of a delta variant, coincidentally also the name of the next frequency level readily available for magnification from towers. Delta brain waves are the slowest, mysterious, most trippy and least understood of all of the natural brain wave states. The delta brain waves occur between the frequency of 0.5 – 4Hz, and are the waves we experience during deep, dreamless sleep. It is the lowest level of brain wave activity…any lower it would be considered “brain dead.” It’s extremely rare to remain conscious in this state; it’s very mysterious as to what our brains are up to when they are producing delta waves. Many people believe that delta brain waves provide access to God, “Infinite Intelligence” or the “Collective Unconscious” mind. The choice is ours…will we awaken from dormancy or will we continue to actively retreat into their no-cebo (without a placebo) effect of making us sick by design.  

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