Rites of Summer

It’s not officially summer yet but boy are we playing like it is. Water fun is an undoubtedly anticipated sign of summer, a rite of passage into the season of sun filled days of outdoor adventures. Watching my brood take their first steps into summer is like watching the past flash before my eyes. I suppose I prepared for this, tended to it and fretted over decades of their prime. And now as I grow helpfully obsolete and another summer enters their lives for them to take bigger steps into finding themselves before the start of another academic year, I watch in awe. Along with fading wild geraniums of spring are the bittersweet tenderness of valor so genuine of toddlers that surrounded me not so long ago. May that feeling always be with them, as long as it is, I have not a worry in the world. May they play beyond competition and into creative possibility and fun, may they flow effortlessly and breathe their awareness down to their cellular level in order to be the I am they came here to be. I still will cling cloyingly to their sweet innocence what else can a mama do?

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