What Will You Create

Went out and hit a wall of humidity this morning so to bring our body temperature down we made a triple citrus lemonade with an emerald twist…matcha. Baby bear is into the green stuff lately, matcha and spirulina. Since matcha oxidizes quickly only pour it into the drink when you are ready to gulp it down. The usual preparation for matcha is necessary, a little hot water and blending it requires a slower, stirring motion with a bamboo chasen to create a uniform consistency of a smooth and velvety texture…something about this part that embodies a meditative spirituality that takes over until the final sip. To balance off the bitterness we stirred in some maple syrup and to stir things up even more we squeezed an orange and a lime into the mix that balanced off the aromatic grassy notes of the matcha quite agreeably to our taste buds. If you fancy more pucker try stirring in the spirulina. At times we are faced with opportunities to take that leap of faith from the ordinary in order to dream up something extraordinary. What will you create?

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