Welcome to the Jungle

SONY DSC My heart is fickle these days. While I try to drum up business in a new territory, I am left with time to deal with my nest. There are so many projects I would like to accomplish, but woe is me, where do I start? “I bet it’s big,” said a colleague of my husband when she asked me how I liked my new digs. Yes, it feels spacious when there isn’t much furniture I retorted. Slowly, I have been foraging second hand stores and perusing Craigslist to find the unwanted fallow item that I attempt to transform into a once-again-revered gem. According to my seven-year-old neighbor, “it’s not as big as mine,” however she did like what she saw and did not want to go back to her nest. I eventually sent her off just before dusk with some chili peppers that had fascinated her while she was in our kitchen. My heart is lightened as I ended my Craigslist marauding for a desk that my son has been petitioning for; clearly he’s becoming more independent and would like his own workspace. While I work on the desk transformation and create the vignette of this recent veritable triumph of ours, I can’t help but think of the next project. Decisions are based on the come-to-mama approach–literally whatever treasure I spot for a bargain is the next vignette I start plotting for in my nest. I haven’t come across anything that strikes my fancy in this space, so instead I cut some papyrus from the garden (it doesn’t do well apparently with a restrictive water supply) so chop chop and into vases they go where they can add a little depth in my sparsely furnished nest. SONY DSCSONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC Cyperus papyrus is the scientific name for this aquatic flowering plant now used mainly for decorative purposes in our modern times. And not surprisingly in our advanced times, we have managed to nearly annihilate it in its native habitat in the Nile Delta, where in ancient times it was widely cultivated. Today we neglect the pith of young shoots which were once eaten both cooked and raw…sounds like an ingredient to select from on Top Chef. I will have to ask the budding chef in my nest how he would like to prepare it. I’ll keep you posted of course if we succeed with a recipe. Happy foraging! SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC

19 thoughts on “Welcome to the Jungle

  1. Your nest is just beautiful! I reminded of you daily, through the decorative touches you created for us!! I haven’t visited the folia in many months..so glad to reconnect.


  2. I love all your indoor plants, I have just moved our of a sharehouse and now have the space to start my own collection. So interesting about the Papyrus, I wonder if I can find one in Melbourne. Anthing edible is always of interest to me!


    • Thank you and best of luck with your collection. In Orange County particularly in Laguna Beach there is a lot of Australian influence with the landscaping…I guess it was a successful marketing approach. I am sure you can find Papyrus in your homeland…happy searching and happy nesting of course.


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