Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

Now that it grows duskier earlier, I’ve become more contemplative. Our outdoor fun, especially when playing with trajectory spherical objects, (even after a few minutes pass for our pupils to adjust to the darkness) turns into artillery that blasts into our faces. My indoor brooding has my mind wending through layers of theories, conspiracies or testimonies depending on how you see the world. Therefore, it’s no wonder that it has occurred to me that caring for plants is a leap of faith just as in science, faith in God or faith in traditional healing. They’re a few fitted in white lab coats that physically test their theories by performing experiments and don’t require faith in their existence because they have gone through great lengths to provide evidence. For us laypeople, faith is essential in the process of our dogmas. Faith that the technician analyzing the contents of the test tube is competent. Faith that our doctor is seasoned or that our acupuncturist’s method of whatever works…whether it works or not.

In other words our faith, or whoever’s words of wisdom we choose to be devoted to, will have different paths to the same destination. Therefore just as any doctor cares deeply (we hope) for her patient, or any God cares deeply for her worshiper, I care deeply for my plants in my nest. (Not that I am comparing myself to any deity, I’m aware I have far too many flaws.) When our beloved miniature banana tree took a turn for the worst, we were not there to see the signs. So deep into our most recent move, maneuvering larger objects into their new places, we indolently came around to placing her in the corner. It was then I noticed. Destitute. Usually, we are careful and fastidious with our flora especially in moves. We inform the movers, they are our babies that we have had them for half our lives now and that we don’t want to hear how they are not allowed on the truck. We always figure out a way. However, the last move (the shortest distant move as of date) being so disorganized and horrific our mini tree was being eaten alive by miniscule little pests. There was no formal experimentation nor no heed of measuring one treatment against another…I held onto precious faith…whatever method I tried that she will eventually fight the critters off and grow stronger. One leaf after another fell off until there was none. After the third attempt of digging deep into the pot with natural methods, after so many other casualties (a variety of herbs were planted, none survived) I pulled out the hacksaw. It was time to saw off a couple of the palms that were thwarting us from entering the house. Now with an obstruction-free entrance way and two arms of the palms stuck in the dirt like stakes right out of Lord of the Flies will they grow? They are not sweet like the other casualties and they have scaly trunks so will my latest experiment work? Even if it doesn’t work I can always toss up my hands in the air and blurt out, “the ways of God are not open to reason.” I warned you I have been contemplating in my nest a lot as of late.

6 thoughts on “Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

  1. I loved what you said here about faith: how those of us not expert or proficient in a certain area must have faith in those who are. I am definitely not an expert in plant life. But with as much devotion as you’re showing yours, I have faith it will hang on. 🙂

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    • Yes, I feel it gives us peace of mind most of the time. Thanks for your well wishes on the banana plant. It’s gone on the surface, in a previous post you can see how it had thrived. However, I didn’t remove its roots so I also have faith it might come back. In the meantime I needed some height in the corner of that space and the outdoor palm was growing in a n obtrusive way.

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  2. I’m chuckling so hard! You really take a surgeon’s approach as well as bringing in your spiritual strengths! I really admire the dedication to giving your wonderful plants a fighting chance! I think your little gardener may be taking after her mama. She’s so adorable and getting so big, Cristina! Precious!

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    • Pleased to give you a chuckle Debra. I’m still looking out for a budding little banana tree to surface from the soil. I’m hoping maybe a root or two were not gnawed away and that it may come back. Although I am delighted that the two stakes of the palm are still alive…it really worked they are growing just as if they were succulent stems. They have lost a lot of leaves but I think that’s normal due to their detachment and change of space. No signs of any little critters either so I let baby bear dig away (I think she’s looking for stones, but they are not any in that pot.) I hope she does appreciate plants and maintains her interest in “gardening.” Thank you for all your kind thoughts!

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