The Miracle Worker

After fervent supplication, Saint Phanourios pulled through for me. The one and only, whom according to faithful turn to assist in finding lost belongings. His name derives from the Greek word phanero, to reveal. When such item shows up as suddenly as it disappeared from your eyes, it’s best to have some oil and spices on hand along with some time because when your item is revealed, a phanouropita is baked in his honor…oh an excuse to eat a cake. An abrupt knock at the door at 10:30 pm, I knew it was my lost item returning home. My neighbor stumbled upon it on the road, over 24 hours in the rain it survived the wilderness, still had juice and functioning just as I had last used it. I don’t have a passcode, so it was effortless for my neighbor to track down its owner. You can say we are a lot closer now with all the dirty laundry he has discovered, nothing that I’m trying to hide. I baked two cakes the following day, one for my reunion with my phone and one for my neighbor for all that was revealed to him from my hand-held technology. May the glorious, Phanourio help you work out miracles in revealing any misplaced objects, hidden spiritual matters of the heart and direct or reveal actions to take, restoring health and situations for you. I used this recipe for the symbolic cake

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