Promising Budding Branches

On top of the world and making it a noble ambition; making it bigger every day after. Coming out of a wintery dormancy and feeling edgy. A whole lot of commotion happening in my head on the ascent, things start settling at the peak with bursts of noble notions on the descent. Things I’m considering…what is the attribute in me I want to change? Reflections while on top of the world had me thinking what contributed to the thing I want to escape from? Why do events happen to us? Is it perhaps what we bring to situations to create its state? If we don’t still the mind, dig deeper into discoveries within or reflect on the context we carry, how can we be the judge and jury of what a better would be?  Can I assume that occurrences are as I would like them to be, for me for you for others? For me, certainly if I get to the bottom of things. There are a lot of hills around here; I have my work cut out for me.

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