Where Art Thou Baritone?

Where Art Thou Baritone?

Never has there been such a time,to let loose into an impression of elation.Albeit it may arrive only after a kind of necessary seasonal disappearance.It’s the ultimate journey of the hero,back into the realm of choice, a cyclical existence for … Continue reading

True Faith

I feel so extraordinarySomething’s got a hold on meI get this feeling I’m in motionA sudden sense of liberty… – New Order Somehow, somehow, somehow, we get to that place where there is no choice but to make peace with … Continue reading

Blue Skies Ahead

No doubt it’s a stormy kind of situation but ain’t this the sweetest thing. Look at how these siblings adore each other and mama bear admires from behind the scenes. I wouldn’t mind being the recipient to this holiday cheer. … Continue reading