Blue Skies Ahead

No doubt it’s a stormy kind of situation but ain’t this the sweetest thing. Look at how these siblings adore each other and mama bear admires from behind the scenes. I wouldn’t mind being the recipient to this holiday cheer. At least sending off of cards annually keeps us connected by pen, oh never mind that too is created via technology. Well at least the photo shoot encouraged them to be outdoors and share a few sweet moments under the rays of the sun. If you partake in fiestas in these closing days of the year, here’s a wish for finding a few bursts of peace to wrap up the year. May you find a lingering moment with or without a flickering candle, a noiseless kitchen in the darkening afternoon with the feeling of having done enough, of being just fine exactly where you are or better yet out here enjoying the great outdoors. Cheers to knowing at least for moi, anyway that blues skies are up ahead. 

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