A Cool Spot

On the surface it may have seemed like there may have been a lot to handle within myself, a previous je ne sae quoi of I am here and I don’t know why? Such a demeanor emanates bewilderment for all around and from the looks of things, this tolerated bearing seems to have invaded our circuit boards almost to the point of no return. But will it go there? Perhaps in this age of everyone connected by a gadget yet in exile from our authentic selves irresistibly more seduced by the artificial world, well yes you can kiss mankind and womankind as we know it goodbye. Perhaps laughter will be heard in the meta but will there be laughing? You know that wild thrill bursting the seams of your unnoticed heart and suddenly the mysterious isn’t so mysterious after all. That awareness of being…it’s a sweetness that turns everything you once knew into astringent nibbles, leaving you with an unquenchable affinity for more of the melodious moment you just connected to. Finding yourself at that point may be the blessing in disguise to craft your own purpose, your own path and to reach the ultimate wholeness of the holiness. It’s not that it’s far away, it’s that you’re primed for distractions in other directions. Humbly stated in the heart of retro times of the 80’s, “to have a philosophy is to know how to love and where to put it…it’s all I’m interested in” -John Cassavetes. Here’s to coming to terms with and understanding your philosophy. I know you’ll get there eventually and once you do, don’t let it get away for cancer season is coming in hot.

2 thoughts on “A Cool Spot

  1. It is. Nothing like a dip in cool waters when humidity swells vibing with its flow…let it flow baby flow! Here’s to wishing this humble post leaves you invigorating and all freshened up!


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