Paid in Full,

debt that stood against us. Hallelujah! It’s a shifting season, the one that breathes new life with a gust that can blow us away if we allow. The taste of transformation looms as the temps continue to plunge and the frosty void clears. The preparation period does have notable elements of dewdrops and musty tawny components to charmingly lustrous and vibrant ones. It’s the time to clarify which wind shift you may want to be blown away with.

Thank goodness for this nearing open-window season. We’ve been granted a few days to feel the flow bursting through at times and enjoying the dancing decorative egg creations at least for a few weeks. It’s finicky here, so not all are opened just yet, it’s forthcoming though. A lot of clearing with these northern and southern winds battling it out. I prefer the one that carries in the sweet budding scents of new life, an air of humble propitiation as it blows across our space as we approach the celebration of the most atoning of sacrifice made for humankind. Some of us already have been conciliated this past Sunday, but we all still have big steps ahead of us.

“Do your work. Not just your work, do a little more, but that little is worth more than all the rest. And if you suffer, as you must, and if you doubt, as you must, do your work. Put your heart into it, and the sky will clear. Then out of your doubt and suffering will be born the supreme joy of life.” -Dean Briggs

Our doubt, no doubt is the enemy. They can make us think all that they want, that we are somehow not in control, not connected, let go like the incoming breeze and feel the charge once again…be ready to be swept off your feet.

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