Cold As Stone

Allow me to take you on an exploration in breath. Deep within before another turning of the season, another nudge to look inside our nest and all the things we call our own, to see, to feel, to assess what is no longer serving us. Our live long days have come and gone, what’s left to hold onto? Love run cold, wounded unbearably, wounded by expressions of hate tearing us apart…do you have to let it linger?

Wrapped around your finger no longer. Your story remains unknown. Always left to clutch onto something, when in fact the fragrance of sweet freedom trailing righteously enough to disengage from that syphoning vortex unreservedly and instead to shield revered boundaries like the most precious thing ever to embrace.

Distracted of a darkened past, such is when doing shadow work, no longer to derail my senses. We’re designed to be well on our way into a journey. A quiet reminder for me to dive deep. What can I edit? What can I purge? How can I help our dwelling and life become less of the unnecessary and more of us, the real us? 

“Gotta see you go go go go goodbye go, glad to see you go go go go goodbye go.” – Ramones

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