This Moment Forthright Atlas.

Among all the wild,
willing, able and accepting to feel bursting sentience.
Each day, each moment in solace of a rolling wave elapsing,
I enter into a realm so sweetly serene.
Water expanding, weighed and seamless into the idyllic existence on some far-off shore
as is the life within me
where heart-to-heart I resound with the one I belong to.
This moment forthright atlas and ever more so than imaginable.
You’ll always find me under sky beams not just any, the red ones are my most beloved.
Fire within my belly, those celestial codes tingling my solar plexus
knowing which way to go,
or perhaps I’m starved of a morsel?

Who knows, this brave new world certainly has me in a tizzy,
wouldn’t have it any other way gazing in and stepping through,
bit by bit retracting the parts of me I let pass.
Never to permit myself for such betrayal
or ever release my thoughts astray again,
nor ever falter to my knees.
Now, on my two feet moving forward tirelessly and in bliss of ancient past wisdom,
moving forward ruminatively into a whole me…it’s what I came here for, remember?

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