not by a luscious fruit, nor by a fragrant-luring flower but a bench. It wasn’t a sculptured beauty, a simple wooden structure that felt just right at the time. Baby bear wandered into the direction of a park bench away from the soaring soccer balls and accompanied cheers and plunked herself onto this bench to recline and just be.In the quiet time, she knew what was important for her…an essential little lesson most of us could be schooled in. A chance to still the thoughts, soothe the soul and revere the beauty we behold in nature. Too much of our day, if not all, we are boxed in by structures, devices, mucho trabajo and neglect what really matters. A meditative moment under a verdant canopy, a tread through grass and sage or a vigorous one up majestic mountains to explore hidden caverns and grottos. While we still have the magnificent and wondrous wild let’s wind back to our toddler years, and tap into that innate power to resonate with our surroundings and pardon all our chores, routines and obligations. Is the temptation there for you? My first choice would be to get to know the rivulets that maybe tucked into jagged canyons…something about being surrounded by majestic and massive stones and the hushing sound of the flow of water. While a dreamy settee can be just as welcoming inside a nest, a bench tucked behind a nearby bluff is a special place for animals, plants and human beings.

We have delved into our little wilderness and have been spending time on these stones enveloped by the recently bloomed shrubs and trees with all its harboring feral.In between rain storms, we sit for a sliver of time for lunch, a little play and a little winding down. I melt in the moment of relaxation while marveling at what some of us call, God…a world too vast to contain of unparalleled beauty, a sense of greater power beyond any measurable scale or time.The vastness that whispers the humbling truth to our little beings, yet we are connected to this universe so in a sense our smallness has great power if we choose to learn from our humility. I do not want to wake from this cool and dreamy day hemmed by walls of awe and grace, worship and reverence that has converted me to a devotion in faith. What surrounding sinking secrets of the earth remind you of what’s important and have you believing in something? Let’s enjoy the moment today for it will grow into tomorrow and the next, and then who are we without our private moments to reflect, reconnect and rejuvenate?


20 thoughts on “Tempted

  1. How marvelous it is for your children to have a mother who takes the beauty in each day and makes it a priority. I look at the smiles on Baby Bear’s precious little face and I just melt, knowing that these formative years, which do fly by too quickly, are supporting her towards a lifelong love of nature and appreciation for God’s beautiful creation. Oh if only all children could have that! You captured some great photos of what had to have been a really delightful day!


    • I’m touched by your kindest of words lovely Debra. We are lucky to have Baby Bear she looks at everything with such excitement and reverence, we can only follow in her example. We all love to be outdoors these days since they won’t last for long. It also makes my life easier with the mess outdoors. We did delight in the last day of warmth and stayed out until the rain drops came down so hard and took down a tree and our power. I do wish that play and a hot plate of nutrition daily indoors or outdoors is for all to enjoy.


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