Red Ribbons, Red Eggs and… Gooey Eyeballs?

IMG_9704 “Eeewwww! He didn’t even chew them!” That is the reaction that came from our mouths when we witnessed my uncle eating lamb eyeballs for the first time. Actually my cousins, siblings and I screeched every time he ate them. Easter and Christmas were the days many loved ones gathered around to feast on lamb—yes we ate little Mary’s lamb. I’m not talking about a couple of chops, my father would come home with the entire lamb, eyeballs and all, wrapped in brown paper and tied with string. This was at least a bi-annual event and sometimes, when we were in the mood to celebrate a names-day the lamb was the center of attention. My most memorable experience was when it was an exceptionally beautiful sunny spring day and the lamb would slowly roast over coals outdoors on a rotisserie spit.
The round gooey delicacies were always plucked and placed onto my uncle’s plate. I don’t know if he actually savored the eyeballs, or if he got his kicks from our grossed out little faces after he gobbled them up. I am confident; however, he would have won a face-off with Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods adventures.

An engineer by profession, my uncle spoke with gentleness. However, when my siblings and cousins were in the mood for some fun, we would provoke our uncle who was always willing to play silly reindeer games with us.

IMG_9891 My uncle is no longer with us and I have missed him dearly. Recently his older brother has joined him and it is especially difficult to celebrate holidays without their pranks, laughter and most of all their hugs.   IMG_9766 Easter was my uncle’s most revered holiday. His genuine love was infectious and radiated when family and friends gathered around his summer villa decorated with red dyed eggs in baskets and the smell of oregano infused lamb that perfumed the air from the outdoor spit. Side by side aunts and uncles caught up with each others’ lives while the little offspring would dart about with exuberant energy grazing on all the foods that were not allowed during the forty-day fast.

IMG_9793 No doubt that taste and traditions define a people, but can the land give a unique flavor? IMG_9685 I remember the flavor of lamb when roasted outside my uncle and aunt’s nest in Hellas—I can still taste the grassy sweetness of melting goodness and feel the warmth of my uncle’s love.  IMG_9690

Whether you are celebrating Cinco de Mayo or Orthodox Easter this Sunday, engage in a mindful minute with your celebratory food or drink. Whether a fiesta is brewing in your nest, family or a friend’s nest or in the great outdoors, slow down and make your bite or sip more satisfying, especially if your sensory experience associated with food is of a joyous occasion.

This Sunday, I will cradle my red egg IMG_9780   IMG_9725 IMG_9772 (extra padded from little fingers that haven’t mastered fine motor skills quite yet) and remember the moments I used to crack it with my uncles. IMG_9741 The egg is the symbol of life—a renewal of the soul in the spring season. Red is the warmest of colors embodying powerful symbolism as life and vitality. It brings focus to the essence of life and living with emphasis on survival. I will forever keep the spirit of my uncles in my heart.  IMG_9889  XPISTOS ANESTI.

My favorite egg decorating ideas… trendsurvivor and larecetadelafelicidad  Easter Bread is a favorite in our nest…thefolia

9 thoughts on “Red Ribbons, Red Eggs and… Gooey Eyeballs?

  1. It’s wonderful to reminisce about family members’ quirks and idiosyncrasies. That’s what makes us memorable. I wonder what my kids or nieces and nephews will remember about me someday. It won’t be eating eyeballs, that’s for sure. 😉


  2. What a beautiful and loving story of family and traditions! I really gain something from your example of putting your all into creating beauty and meaning in each moment. You really do inspire me. This was a love tribute to not just your family, but to the moments that we can look back and remember our childhoods. ox


    • Thank you! If we all reminisced a little and mustered up a little patience to slow down and collect ourselves and our thoughts from our busy lives, I think it would increase our quality of life tremendously and help us to appreciate our friends and family even more. Glad to inspire.


    • Fish eyes are doable especially little fried sardines or smelts doused with lemon. I know a lot of people who can’t resist even a red mullet’s tasty head. It depends how miniscule the eyes are (at least for me.) Little Mary’s lamb–no way, I will leave those up for the dare devils. Thank you for the egg compliment!


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