Do You Have What it Takes to Change Your Destiny? Feng Shui 101

LACMA '13 181 This question has been racing in mind lately. It all started when I had sometime before my next appointment to make a pit stop at a local coffee shop equipped with WIFI to work on my laptop. A conversation unveiled something like this…   LACMA '13 184

Can I ask you a question?
Do you go to school?
What do people do all day here with these? (he points to my computer)
Work or wait until my work schedule starts in my case.
What do they call these contraptions?
A laptop.

My conversation initiator retreats to sipping his coffee and nibbling at his scone.  IMG_1733 He is a dapper gentleman in his early eighties–curious, lonely, mind-boggled that we can sit for hours with such a contraption at our fingertips. He came out for a breath of fresh air from his nest to satisfy his thirst…and I blew it. IMG_9318 I was too busy with my “contraption” to give him a little time to fill his day.

Sure I answered his questions and politely responded, “you too sir” when he got up and told me to “have a great day.” But did I quench his thirst?   I could have been more engaging with my answers—I had twenty more minutes and it would have made a world of a difference in his day.  Who knows what shift in energy may have taken place and perhaps I may have quenched my life’s quest!  Sunday Strolling 13

How is it possible that everyone is always connected with the world yet we are not able to enjoy a tete-a-tete exchange with a new acquaintance. Everyone markets their service or product as a lifestyle or an experience, “Please join us to experience the Verismo System by Starbucks in action”… what the heck does that mean? How about savor a cup of joe with a comrade or two—exchange a few words and enjoy a couple of laughs.

IMG_7577  I entered into the communal nest not for company but for virtual connection. Would it have set me back to chat with an older and wiser soul—the experience most likely would have been enlightening.

We all are busy with our lives inside or outside our nest, but take a few moments to place a smile on someone’s face—it maybe the only friendly face they see all day. Next time you meander off to savor the latest flavor in grinds slow down and notice the people around and never leave a fallen comrade behind.  Crystal Cove Hike 35

Your destiny is already engraved in the stars, but do attempt to increase your luck with a little karma or by incorporating Feng Shui. IMG_4464  Think of Feng Shui as a system, like religion, however, make a conscious effort or an intention as an individual. It’s not promising to cling onto any system without feeling or ignore your environment for the vanity of the one and only system. Open your heart and change the way you see people or who you meet along the way. Let down your guard to honor and embrace a new environment—enjoy the new energy and let it shape you. By making changes to our environment we can make amazing changes in our nest and our lives. Also by focusing our minds we can influence our environment. What intentions will you create?  IMG_9912

2 thoughts on “Do You Have What it Takes to Change Your Destiny? Feng Shui 101

  1. I am so moved by the story of your experience with the older gentleman, Cristina. It touches me to hear your thoughts and internal questions concerning why you didn’t put aside your computer for a few minutes and tune in more directly to him. I do know I’ve experienced the same thoughts from time to time. It is always after the fact–I don’t seem to see the opportunity as it occurs, but I’ve been left with a sadness that comes over me later when I realize I, too, missed an opportunity. I was particularly interested in your thoughts about Feng Shui. I have only a very rudimentary understanding of the art, and I’m very curious to learn a little more, particularly as you related it to the art of interpersonal awareness. I really loved reading your thoughts, my friend.


    • Thank you Debra! I am working on being more mindful so that I do not think afterwards why didn’t I do that!I have also started to meditate which I am hoping will help. Feng Shui fascinates me too and I have been incorporating more and more in my work. Look out for more Feng Shui tips.


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