Ready or Not…

IMG_0453…Here Comes June. Happy first of the month! Not just any month… it’s the long -awaited- here-at-last-start-of-the-summer month! And even though pomegranates in this hemisphere are not quite ripe until the end of the summer their fiery red flowers are now budding on my little tree.

In traditional Chinese medicine, a pomegranate is considered a yin tonic and is employed to produce the fluids necessary to quench excessive thirst. Should you have a persistent cough, Chinese medicinal doctors would suggest the seeds of an almost ripe pomegranate before bedtime.  This royal fruit is bitter, sour, astringent and cool. It enters the lung, spleen and stomach channels, making it great from clearing heat in these channels. It moistens the lungs and stops cough, treats dry sore throat, and hoarse voice.

Open up a pomegranate and it looks like the inside of your lungs. IMG_4899IMG_4904IMG_4903IMG_4914  Eating the tiny orbs found inside will support lung function and since all the little lungs in my nest are not functioning at 100% I couldn’t resist squeezing the juice sacs called arils or incorporating them whole in everything so that our lungs can prevail and grow stronger and healthier.

IMG_6415IMG_0479  This apple with many seeds can be tricky, however, make your life easier by soaking the fruit in water after cutting it in fourths. When the arils sink and the white membrane floats there will only remain a few deeper arils to gently push out. Apart from the fruit, the juice made from the fresh fruit is an outstanding cooling beverage—add some tequila and you will have yourself a fiesta in a glass.

Your lungs are responsible for 20,000 breaths a day—treat it to a pomegranate once in awhile.

According to local legend, the current bronchitis-like coughing that’s going around in our hood doesn’t subside for weeks after the bug gets into your lungs. No thank you–we will try to nip it in the bud immediately!

Since I refuse to contribute to the other legends of coughing marathons that friends have shared, I am also making adjustments in my nest. In China food is regarded as medicine; your health is actually your wealth. So in my wealth area of my nest  (Southeast) I incorporated something purple, a rock; and in the health area (East) I have incorporated a three-headed dragon, symbolizing strength, power and growth. (Read: BA-gua is the basic tool of Feng Shui used carefully to achieve harmony with the environment and enjoy the health, happiness and success that result.)

“Your body is precious. It’s your vehicle for awakening; treat it with care.” –Buddha

Food energetics recognizes that a great deal of our nourishment comes from the inherent energy or chi of food. With such a wealth of knowledge we can make informed choices about the foods we grow or select. When we eat food that is filled with chi or fresh, brightly colored, organically grown food that is appropriate for our energetic state—we achieve real nourishment. By opening our awareness to the gifts of the unified, intelligent consciousness, we open ourselves to true healing. May everyone get well soon in your nest and if you are well, please stay well!

2 thoughts on “Ready or Not…

  1. This is so interesting to me! I learned a lot about pomegranates! I have never quite known what to do with them, and now I’m kind of eager to incorporate them into my nest! 🙂 I hope everyone is feeling well soon. You have such a strong method for bringing in the most remedial energy, so I expect everyone will do well. You always give me so much to think about, Cristina! Thank you!


    • Do try pomegranates–the easiest is to freshly press them like orange juice and even mix the fresh press pomegranate juice with some orange juice. This morning I added color to my coconut milk soaked in chia seeds and honey with pomegranate juice & some raspberries. It sustained me for a long day at a track meet today and yes our lungs are back in business. I did a lot of shouting and not only did my son make it through all his track events–he medaled! So glad I have some food for thought for you especially you Debra since you always impress me with your knowledge and time with breathelighter.


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