Fame, Fortune and Festivity

arrived just in time for the warm leisurely days of summer. With four parties to attend last weekend and preparing for the end of the school year celebrations to include, pool parties, tea parties and all day end of the year field trips, I can’t help but praise the BA-gua basics.     IMG_0526

With prudent use of the basic components of feng shui or knowledge of  the (BA-gua) compass directions, characteristics and influences, you can create a nest brimming with amazing feng shui.

The South is the most auspicious direction and is teeming with positive connotations of fame, fortune and festivity. So naturally, I loaded my South wall of my nest with a candle and red (the color of celebration and happiness) objects.  Choosing to paint a south-facing door red, will ward off harm while attracting fame and fortune. If you are prohibited from painting doors or walls red, try arranging nine photo frames with hues of red in the images on your South wall. Birds and the number nine, the largest single-digit number, suggesting the bounty of summer also are characteristics associated in the direction of the South.  IMG_0541
Be creative and have fun when you are fabricating positive feng shui in your nest, but remember to contemplate your goals and interest before you make adjustments that are appropriate for you and all fledglings in your nest. All members of my nest achieved a little fame and fortune from the slight changes I intentionally made and the festivities we have lined up for the summer are only the beginning.

IMG_9292  May adaptations in your nest bring you merriment and joy. Happy Nesting!
    IMG_0553IMG_0527   IMG_0548IMG_0552   IMG_0579
Photographs of my kick-off festive weekend at the hidden gem, Newport Beach Vineyards and Winery.

   Pictures of Frenchly Yours Wine Tasting Event at the Newport Beach Vineyards and WineryIMG_0533.    IMG_0593

4 thoughts on “Fame, Fortune and Festivity

  1. I definitely need to know more about this winery! I like the preview of it just from the photos. I so enjoy the intentionality that goes into making your nest a place for love and well-being. Ba-Gua is completely unfamiliar to me, Cristina! I am going to look it up. 🙂


    • Newport Beach Vineyards and Winery reminded me of the book the Secret Garden. I took one turn off a main road and this hidden gem invited me in! I know that it can be rented out for events and that night a friend of mine was promoting a few of her selections of wine in addition to the Vineyards ones. The BA-gua is pretty fascinating–think of it like a feng shui compass and each direction of the compass incorporates five basic elements and colors of nature.


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