Mother’s Day Wishes

A soul saving latte. That’s what I want for Mother’s Day and every morning. Give me my five minutes of serenity with this warm cup of perfection, then my little dears you can shout out your request for breakfast to the many job titles of my day—a short order cook.

If you are on the prowl for ideas for that special madre in your life, take a mother’s advice—ignore all the commercials and think outside the box. Who wants something that everyone and their grandmothers will have anyway?

Flowers are cherished when freshly cut from the garden not from a company that calls itself 1-800 Flowers. I prefer rocks. BIG rocks. Sparkly rocks.  A little color from sea glass would be just as delightful.

However, the best gift is one that is made from the heart. I have a collection of cards and a sundry of handmade goods from preschool to present. One of my adored treasures was a Mother’s Day card made from recycled paper. Ingrained into the card were a variety of seeds, and my little pods were all too eager to pot them. It didn’t end there, our little potting team watered and provided them with nutrients—here are the results. This special gift grows forever and has allowed us to spend precious time together in the garden.

If you are an independent spirit now and have your own humble abode, why not invite your mother over to your nest for a special brunch or dinner. After all, how many meals has she concocted for you all these years? Don’t worry if you are not the next Iron Chef, it’s the time you invest with her that counts, and just this once she doesn’t have to prepare or clean up. Do take the time to make your space extra special with a few buds or herbs in a vase, special plates, and a little extra dusting would put a smile on her face.

If your nest needs some work, don’t fret send your mother off to her favorite spa.  Offer her the experience of a  Diamond Micro Dermabrasion, Ayurvedic Treatments, or any hair or nail service she desires at Pure YL Organics. This vegan salon uses only pure botanics and not only do they accomplish what conventional products do, they leave your hair, skin and nails healthy since there are no traces of harsh  ammonia, bleach and formaldehyde causing agents. Why not join your mother in all the fun, after all you need to relax and get back to straightening up your nest.

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