Is Your Clock Ticking?

Not your biological one, your clock in your nest. If it’s not ticking even with a battery change, it is time to furlough the neglected clock for some tinkering. If your local clock repair person could not revive it, consider donating its parts. It’s not a wise feng shui practice to keep nonfunctional clocks or any other broken items in your nest, so why not transform a non-ticking clock into parts in demand for others. Not only will this benevolent gesture improve the energy in your nest, it will create that warm-and-fuzzy-feeling in your heart by making someone else happy. Time is part of our daily routine and we adjust and pace ourselves accordingly, therefore clocks should be arranged in rooms with lots of activities like the living room and kitchen. To create positive energy in your bedroom, avoid displaying clocks in this relaxing retreat. Instead, listen to your own biological clock and keep a small and covered clock if necessary. Metal clocks should not be displayed in the East area of your nest, nor should they be easily seen from the entrance of the house. Tick tock…time is running out—make your nest whole again with these feng shui tips.

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