A Celebrity on Its Own

I am mad about settees—I can think of at least three locations for some bad-ass ones in my current nest, although it’s not a priority to glamify my nest right now…all I’m asking for is simplicity, order and cleanliness and I would be thrilled to bits in achieving that trinity. A girl can dream can’t she? In fact, I dreamt of a sitting area in our former nest, but all I managed to do was this want-to-be settee. It’s faux because technically it doesn’t have a back or arms and it’s sans upholstery, however, it can seat two or more persons (at least after I replaced the stripped screw.) A little bit of muscle on my part and voila it no longer wobbles when you sit on it, nor do you have to worry about splinters in your derriere since some light sanding and refinishing took care of that. I did glam it up with a touch of gold as if its pretty pegs were dipped in it. Voila, a celebrity on its own. It did have the company of albums, I managed to find them a cozy place under the fireplace and yes we were able to turn it on even with them consuming awkward space underneath.

So what more could one ask for but a bench to rest while perusing albums? It currently stands alone again in our new nest, in a windowless narrow hallway in between bedrooms. This time it is occasionally accompanied by clothes fresh-out-of-the dryer begging to be folded, my nightly ritual lately. What about you, have you considered a settee loveseat in your nest? Wouldn’t you enjoy a relaxing snooze on one? I most certainly would regale a guest or two with the ones I envision in my head.



6 thoughts on “A Celebrity on Its Own

  1. When you don’t have a minute from the three little bears…you really need to turn these lovely renovation stories into “The Foiia video nuggets” via a YouTube channel.


    • Yes, a brilliant idea you can have percentage rights. I should train oldest bear to assist…he spends too much time playing video games these days…I can show him how to shout and edit!


  2. I haven’t used the word settee in a long time, Cristina. I like that you have used it and reminded me. I do have a settee that is currently in my bathroom. It’s quite old and belonged to my mother, and now I use it to sit on sometimes when dressing, and often have clean towels just stacked on it. It’s not comfortable enough for taking a nap, but it’s very pretty. And a bit unexpected. My bathroom isn’t all that large, but it fits in nicely! I love your former room arrangement with the settee right in front of your albums. It did make a nice appearance. 🙂


    • Thank you lovely Debra! My plans were to have more seating, an end table, poofs and possibly a piece to store a few more albums, but I changed gears a bit to create little bear’s rooms. Still may hit some fleas to find those settees I have in my mind, so who knows maybe one day a guest can nap on one in my nest. I love that you have one in an unexpected room like the bathroom and even better that it was once your mothers…enjoy!


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