Out On A Limb

At this point there’s nowhere else to go but out on a limb. Retrieving one’s spirit while cavorting about in nature isn’t really a novel notion though. In ancient times natura literally meant “birth,” and creation stories were a common form of narrative across all civilizations including how humans emerged from mud. Hmmm…I’m intrigued with natura and what I need to do for myself. Out here, I can think about my reality and wonder what steps I can take to set myself in the most impervious situation to be able to heal, regenerate and be happy. And still after all we don’t do, crawling within our soil is a microbial life. Interacting with that life helps shape our own microbiome. A more bountiful and diverse one will considerably shift health and well-being. When we commune with nature, we breathe life. Grounding on still-warm-from-the-sun terrain sets the mood here. It bids us closer to our natural state. It’s part of what I love about being outdoors, the connection to life right under my toes. And yet the Western medicine paradox has strategically dishonored this sacredness to the devastating consequences we find ourselves in currently. Their unmerited clout to influence us to lock ourselves indoors, to be fearful of others and to mediate medical procedures to well persons all to the relapsing old tune of “for the greater good,” which still sends chills to survivors of that not-so-long time ago. It started the same way as well, the shutting down of “nonessential” business and schools. Don’t listen to any other sources other than the broadcast from the radio so kindly gifted to all households. It’s the same manipulated and mandated owned machine at every level. While not everyone will be ready for this message, just as many weren’t ready back then or any other similar junction in history. Everyone will eventually follow their path in their own time to arrive where they were meant to be. However, the more we are open to healing unwinding in the creative as oppose to a rigid dogma, the more we will see there is no limit to what we materialize. Zach Bush couldn’t explain the microbiome any more lucidly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tBTv0I5-qk His passion never fails and his optimism is steadfast for humanity despite these not-so-random regrettable events. The earth conceives splendid entities, and those splendid entities are not so far removed from the earth. Before we ask another, “how did this happen?” let us come back down to earth.

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