Deck the Halls

IMG_4555 with boughs of rosemary, boxwood and mint. This holy trinity was about the only thing I was able to accomplish up until Saturday when we brought home the tree that added just the right touch to freshen up our winter’s nest. Turn around the holiday blues by welcoming aromatic greens to a holiday table, doorway, mantel or windowsill. These last-minute touches of freshly cut foliage will have you craving for the holidays and even more silly reindeer games.

IMG_4547  Yes, that’s right a few leaves to set the tone for me. Bogged down with deadlines and no time for play—no thank you, I can do it all while having fun! The aromatic magical snippings of green made me hungry for more joy.  How do we keep this happy feeling and enjoyment in our daily lives? More play. It seems rudimentary to desire more vitality and enthusiasm in our lives…so why don’t we play more? I have made it a point to add this vital nutrient of life with everything I do. Yes, washing the dishes can be loathing when you are exhausted, however, reframe from your usual thoughts and put on some music to uplift your spirits and charge you with some energy. Are you dancing yet? Grab a companion and ad-lib your own duet. In our nest, we prefer dancing and making up lyrics to whatever we are doing—this always deviates to laughter and sometimes a tidier nest.

IMG_5779  Does the thought oIMG_5776f cooking something for the family bring you down after a long stressful day at work? Why not ask your little sous chef for some help. I am always surprised to see what we whip up together, plus it gives us a chance to chat about our favorite part of the day.
Simplify your life by taking a deep breath and not agonizing about getting it all done today. Change what is draining your energy and limit your daily tasks. There are so many ways to getting our needs met; be creative. Simplify your life by creating more space and naturally slow down to savor the festivity and feast underway in your nest or the nest of a loved one. Hurray for the Holidays! IMG_4529


4 thoughts on “Deck the Halls

  1. My goodness, but the photos and the words are just beautiful, Cristina! I love the images and can feel the beauty and tranquility in your nest. I love your little sous chef, too. I hope that the holidays continue to bring you peace and tranquility. You are such an inspiration in that direction, my friend. I wish you well into the new year, too. ox


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