Creating a Meditative Space Will Free Your Mind

April hit me hard, the news of a beloved uncle passing away, my son’s diagnosis of pneumonia and after three visits to my doctor and lots of probing and scraping, I received the doctor’s call—not good news of course. I didn’t think so, when was the last time a doctor called you to chat. I am still grieving for my uncle and sharing with my children all the wonderful memories I enjoyed with him. I can only encourage them and hope they turn into the wonderful human being my uncle was and will always be in my heart. My son is on the mend, and back to his normal rambunctious activities. In his four-year-old mind, he had forgotten the misery of just a few weeks ago when breathing was a chore just lying there helplessly miserable and feverishly delirious. In my older and wiser mind, I can still see his little chest pulsing rapidly all night as if he had just finished the 500 meter at his top speed.We all have our share of disappointments, losses and tragedies and it never is easy whenever ill fate falls upon us. However, our minds are a powerful and complex system. We have the amazing ability to cultivate peace and wellness and even endure and sometimes persevere our most arduous trials.

So to facilitate my mind into a more peaceful state, why not create a meditative space or a “mindful space” in my nest. Why haven’t I created this space before? It does not have to be elaborate, any little old space will do. I have chosen an outdoor space since I have the fortunate opportunity to enjoy moderate evening temperatures all year long, I also have many fond memories of my beloved uncle in the outdoors. My uncle and aunt would sit on their veranda after a late dinner and watch the majestic rays of the Mediterranean sun paint the horizon. Snuggled in fuzzy pullovers and lounging in cozy chairs, they would await for the stars to shine down upon them. It was the sweetest thing ever.I ran to the garage and pulled out an old hammock. Since the last move, I have not found the ideal place for it, but now I can finally hang it on my balcony, next to my rock and shell collection and I can always resort to this meditative space to clear my mind and cultivate mindfulness. Mindfulness means to pay attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally. Extensive research demonstrates that mindfulness can increase attention span, improve impulse control, reduces stress, and builds empathy and community. Sounds easy, however, in our technology obsessive days and nights, we rarely dare to be away from our devices for a few moments. It’s a shame not to enjoy the stars for even a few moments with some deep and mindful breaths. So my friends, I have created my “mindful space” under the stars and it has helped me to recall pleasant memories of all my loved relatives and friends who have left this Earth way before their time. Just my mind and among my chirping feathered friends and croaking frogs, I have been able to transform my unnecessary distressed thoughts into healthy thoughts and become present in my daily interaction with family, friends and acquaintances. Have you created your “mindful space”? Clear up some space in your cozy nest and free your mind. Want to learn more about mindfulness? Click here  “Mindful Schools   


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