When the Grit Takes Over your Nest

Eureka 22  I will spare you details of the rings of stubborn filth my washing machine has accumulated these days, nor the amount of sand that sprinkles from the lint holder onto my washing machine when removing to empty. Ugh!–sand is always an issue around our nest and can accumulate considerably if not handled promptly. Even when we take the precautions of pouring out the sand from their little shoes or brushing off any debris collected from the school playground, beaches or nature parks before we step foot into our home–it’s inevitable that those tiny grains find their way into our nest.  Searching for Precious Metals 76

The washing machine, our trusty white steed, thankfully collects most of it so it’s doubtful we will see the grit anywhere else right? Well, it’s not always the case that my little dears remember to peel off their soiled socks or pants before jumping onto the bed. We don’t have a trampoline so this is their makeshift one and why not get a few more hurrahs into the day before dinner and bedtime!

Here are a few helpful tips when cleaning your washing machine. http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/how-to-clean-a-top-loading-washing-machine-apartment-therapy-tutorials-184296

And let us not forget the dryer. If you have a stackable washing machine and dryer, then remember to close the lid of the washing machine before pulling out the lint trap or else all that cleaning will be in vain. I now do regular wipe-downs of the machine. I simply reuse the dishcloth I had used to clean off the counters after dinner. I throw the damp, still heavenly smelling of Herbs de Provence cloth onto the washer for the next wash so why not expend the extra thirty seconds of wiping down the washing machine of any leftover sand or debris. As long as we continue our playful lifestyle this is my tiny daily sacrifice to heed.    Searching for Precious Metals 8

Try not to let a few grains of sand in your nest bring you down. May the road rise to meet you,  Searching for Precious Metals 83 may the wind be always at your back, Searching for Precious Metals 61  may the sunshine warm upon your face. –Irish Blessing   Searching for Precious Metals 4Eureka 6 Searching for Precious Metals 39  

Venture off into the woods,  a trail   Peter's Canyon 48  or a beach and return to your nest exhilarated and refreshed–without any trepidation of the grit.

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