Beginning Again Right Where I Am

…naked toes sink into the sun-warmed sand, whilst the water trickles over and between before it retracts again. Just with each rolling wave, the ocean starts a fresh new breath, so do I breathe like the ocean, so do I breathe for the ocean.

Beginning again right where I am…I ask the salty ocean for forgiveness. I vow to use sulphate free products so that she doesn’t suffer anymore. Getty 3Getty 4SONY DSCGettySONY DSC
Beginning again right where I am…butterfly-seated on the cold slab of alabaster, under the fruit laden tree in a magical garden. My eyes close to quiet the noise in my mind. I faintly hear the whispers of the fruit trees. Have you heard their sweet melody yet? They reverently bask in the glorious rays and I thank them for blocking the UV’s from my forehead.

Beginning again right where I am…I ask the weeping trees for forgiveness. Xeriscaping will be my life-long campaign. I will plant more native trees to hear their harmony and to breathe more oxygen–imagine how deliriously happy we can grow to be!
SONY DSCGetty Villa 3
Beginning again right where we are…let’s make a difference. Let’s bequeath the gift of Mother Nature better than it was offered to us. I am viscerally scared for our future generations…I think long and hard before I turn on the faucet…how many more drops will we be privileged with? How will you impose water-saving methods in your nest? I welcome you to share any savvy gardening techniques that you are proud of implementing and challenge you to a xeriscaping lifestyle…beginning again right where we are.

7 thoughts on “Beginning Again Right Where I Am

  1. Humans can indeed be wasteful. I was reading about the severe drought in California yesterday and realized how lucky I was to not have to worry about running out of water. And, of course, other parts of the world have it so much worse. We all need to be mindful of our daily footprints.

    I love the ‘I’m a Rockstar’ T-shirt. I’d say I have to agree. He looks like a rock star indeed!


    • The problems is that California grows produce for the rest of the country all year round and without water here (even though it’s a desert) the drought conditions will have an impact on all who rely on our goods from the Earth. According to scientists, the past century has been the wettest of the last 7,000 years–yikes…I think it’s time for some sacrificing in this country.


  2. It’s true about valuing what we have and not wasting nature’s precious resources! My mom is still in CA and she has been telling me of the drought. I can’t believe it is worse that the one I lived through in the late 80s and 90s…!


  3. Oh I do share your concern and completely believe we have to do more. My garden is very large and I’m slowly, slowly moving into more natives and drought tolerant plants. I’m limiting my water usage as much as I possibly can and very mindful that we don’t have the option to be unconcerned. It’s imperative. I love the photo of you with your son. He, and my granddaughters…they are why we have to care!


    • Thank you for being so mindful and concerned, it’s the first steps in the direction we need to emphasize. I think we are more motivated when we think about the future of our little ones and it relieves me some that people like you are breathing lighter. Hurray for a little bit of rain, it wasn’t much last night but every drop counts!


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