My First Kicks

SONY DSC Papa Bear worried about not having one pair of socks, but it wasn’t much longer until he bought his baby girl not one but two pairs of dazzling shoes. I reminded him that newborns can’t walk and even if they could they would prefer a pair of casual flexible soles so that they can splash across storm-tossed rocks or chase tails of furry quadrupeds on grassy fields. Of course there was no point in swaying him to the practical side of my world; the argument was mute…Papa Bear sees what he sees. I let it go since what matters most was more than obvious…Papa Bear loves his baby girl. This brings us to what Mama Bear derived with the studded and glittery accessories…let’s display the flashy little kicks since that’s their role on tiny newborn feet…adorable adornments. SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC Speaking of kicks, check out the pegs on this sideboard. SONY DSCSONY DSC Since Papa Bear and I could not reach an agreement (he doesn’t like anything mid-century) and after many frustrated n-o’s we decided on a neutral ground, IKEA. I of course couldn’t settle with its original state, especially the square legs so I searched and discovered these instead. SONY DSCSONY DSC Cheers to my mid-century look—a few strokes of egg shell paint (thanks to my landlord and her neutrals) on the tabletop and a couple of strips of gold duct tape (thanks to my boys and their craft materials) to conceal the silver handles.  My height calculation was (way) off and therefore it would never function as a diaper changer table as originally envisioned, however, stay tuned for the elegant piece I finally encountered that even Papa Bear was keen on (well not the price.) Have an Ikea hack in your nest that you are proud of or any accoutrements that you have up for display?SONY DSCSONY DSC

10 thoughts on “My First Kicks

  1. Believe it or not, I’ve never been to Ikea. Is that even possible?…

    How fun it must be to buy such cute things for your daughter after having sons. Boy things are cute too, of course, but you’ve been there, done that. 🙂


    • Stepping foot into an Ikea is an experience, whatever you do dare to venture don’t go on a weekend, also check their materials and be prepared to out-gas as they use intense chemicals. This piece was wood (I hope!) Yes, with apparel, their is certainly a whole new and more encompassing world out there for little gals.


    • If anything go for a stroll around the labyrinth…it will take a few times to cut corners like I do and know where to find something. Oh and they have lingonberry jam there always, something my brother-in-law enjoys.

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  2. Love the whole mid-century look so I am totally with you on that. Ikea hacking is fun – we did it in our last place and I’m sure we will do it again soon. And those shoes – too, too cute. Enjoy picking and choosing the cutest little things for your new daughter.


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