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It’s just another manic Monday, and again I awake from the same nightmare where instead of being inspired or convinced of a revelatory prophecy of some grandeur course of action, I continue to hear the tawdry banter and despicable show.It’s been a long and vigorous ride and we have not yet found our nest but also have not yet found our fearless leader. The whole world is watching and instead of baring down and narrowing in on policies and plans for our future the media is sensationalizing on scandals and avoiding what matters in election quality candidates. Not that what has been excavated isn’t of significance, but frankly it’s making this so called “Chosen-One” look more esteemed to his devout disciples because he is not being questioned about levelheaded strategies, something he has been historically deficient in. “Stand at the foot of the Crucified One in disillusion,” is what followers are yearning. Yet he would never come to grips with any sort of compromise for it would require not a little humility but a whole lot of it.Since he wouldn’t even know how to feel humble or empathy the script reads more like stand at the foot of the bandit. My heart constricts with grief as I watch this interminable campaign enfold and how his supporters festoon in his self-absorbed and solipsistic world that sane people are not allowed to enter.Don’t get me wrong making America great again is not only a terrific slogan but an exciting adventure to embark on however, his clumsy and uncourageous movements of his reckless past, his paedomorphic qualities and illusory tales could possibly bring us more of a catastrophic rather than a restorative mission. Although his clingy dependency to demoralize and blame everyone but himself strike me as pathetic, what’s more alarming is he has no idea what he is up against with other megalomaniacal leaders that will eat him for lunch. Are we willing to take boundless risks to retreat even deeper into believing in this farce? How can we be more effective? It’s been a question racing in my head for weeks. We know Trump will not turn and trot along for the sake of this country, but how will we instill vigilant qualities in our children so that history won’t repeat itself. Sooner or later the follower will experience loss, how will we cope? We are losing light in our humble abode as it edges across the table, across the floor slipping away catching baby bear’s hair as she darts across the room.My own acts are even more important than what’s breaking us all in this public arena. Let’s all be courageous and make mindful daily decisions, we don’t need a savior for this. A bowl of ginger, turmeric and cumin broth with noodles is in order.I haven’t bothered to put away the birthday bunting from a previous birthday, unfortunately we may still be here to celebrate another on its way.

12 thoughts on “Not Yet

  1. Thank you for this straightforward post, sometimes we (our society) are to worry being “politically correct” that we forget to use right to speak what is obvious… good luck finding your new ways

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    • You are most welcome. Yes, politics is not my usual outlet here, however its been weighing heavy on my shoulders and given me a lot to think about. I did try to brighten the mood with some comfort soup and just-picked pumpkins though. Thank you for your well wishes!.


  2. As always, I really enjoy your photos, Cristina. You make a nest very special wherever you reside. 🙂 But I hope you find the nest you’re hoping for, and soon! You express your thoughts on this election cycle brilliantly. It’s very troubling to me to think that regardless of the voting outcome we are “a house divided” and I can’t imagine an easy transition. I do agree with you, as well, that the eyes of the world are on us during this time, and I can only imagine what we look like from outside our borders. I may not want to really know the answer to that! Hugs to you and your sweet family.

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    • Thank you Debra for your kind words and hugs! Oh boy, just a couple of weeks away and the muck that is settling in the bottom is stirring to the top…courage to us all. We hope to be in our sweet nest soon too…easy does it!


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