In the Wind

tampa-time-3tampa-time-80As a child, I always wondered about how mail traveled. I witnessed our postman deliver the bundle of envelopes to us with sweat and toil on sticky summer afternoons, however, when we dropped it off at the post office, how would it traverse districts, regions and sometimes the globe to the addressee on the envelope?tampa-time-167tampa-time-149 Obviously, the last leg of the journey would be by foot, but how would it set off? By truck, by plane…what if it plunged to the ground and wallowed in the mud or snow never to be seen…and no heart to lighten.tampa-time-112tampa-time-16 tampa-time-95tampa-time-17With less emphasis on putting words on paper, lured by the ease of an email or an encrypted text, it’s a lost practice…even leaders of the world prefer to tweet an instant message. But it’s not the same when the entire world reads along to words that are meant for the recipient, or are they? Scribing words albeit with ink, crayons or paint is a warm welcome when read to oneself. A little gratitude goes a long way in one’s heart.tampa-time-124I have grown rusty myself with writing thank you notes but since we have been recipients to a splendor of kindness and gifts this festive season we took a little time out to create notes of gratitude.tampa-time-127tampa-time-103Something so sweet about repaying generosity with generosity with a simple card—a warm welcome to a pile of invasive junk mail. My stockpile of paper supplies isn’t handy, yet we managed to cobble our creations on paper and now they are in the wind.tampa-time-119Bon Voyage little works of art. We hope you delight in our from scratch thank you cards when they arrive at your door. I’m tempted to write one and bury it in the earth for the intricate and delicate grains of sand we felt between our toes…it beats the intricate and delicate snowflakes suspending from the sky that greeted us upon our return to our makeshift home.tampa-time-61tampa-time-31tampa-time-65Oh, what fun it was to bask in the sunshine and the rolling waves, laughing all the time (95 % of the time) a heck of a lot more than we would frozen in the single digits of when we left. What about your nest? Does it have a stash of cards or paper to revive those two words not used often enough?I’m starting off the year with a Big Thank You to all of you for sharing this space with me and if I had your address, I would send off a little note in the wind to you as well.tampa-time-186tampa-time-19tampa-time-196 tampa-time-205tampa-time-197Wishing you a bright, bold and beautiful 2017.

14 thoughts on “In the Wind

  1. I’ve been thinking about getting back to the “old fashioned” style of communicating with loved ones. The holiday season does bring people out of their inertia and bundles of lovely cards show up on our mail box. But the rest of the year it is filled with pre-approved credit cards and silly advertisements. Glad you got to spend some time in a warm place, Denver today is at 4F!


    • So glad you were able to enjoy the bundles of love in your mail box even if it was for a short moment of time. The temperature sounds skin feels like its cracking just thinking about the dry air. Stay warm and cozy!


  2. Your photos are just wonderful–once again! Happy times! I so agree with you about the beauty of a hand-written note or card, Cristina. We received so many beautiful plants and memorial donations this past month and I took great pleasure in writing a note to each person who touched me with their thoughtfulness. I frequently receive a “thank you” via email or messaging, and that’s better than not acknowledging a kindness at all, but to me it really isn’t nearly as warm and personal as a hand-written note. I think it’s wonderful you’re teaching your children about this potentially “lost art.”


    • A thousand thanks Debra. Your thoughtful words are heartfelt so I am sure everyone loved to see your thank you notes arrive at their doors. I’m hoping this little lesson will stick with my little bears however this technology mania might overcome these notes of kindness one day.


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