Welcome to My Crib

Baby girl’s eyes are too big for her face and the world and I can’t wait for sleep to find her to kiss those shut black and long lashed eyelids.

Every single night I pray and every single night I wait.

I find myself dosing off and from upstairs I hear the stool scraping against the stone kitchen floor and then a bang as it smacks into the island.I take a deep breath as my youngest dissenter folds her pint-sized body over the counter top on her tippy toes and hones in on her prey. That night it was two tangerines just the right size to fit in each of her two palms.Thank goodness for only two hands or else, the midnight snack would have lasted longer.Bleary eyed, I watched as she meticulously pealed the prized fruit. I had always thought it prudent to keep fruit in plain sight for a quick impulsive snack and not hidden in the refrigerator, but I may change my philosophy at least until we get this sleep routine down.Her eyes are like black stars seeing more than I ever will within the length of the day, and I wonder why her energy doesn’t wear thin, but instead succumbs to the circadian rhythm of a teenager.

Back into our bed for the night time tangle, at least now we know when the urge to dash will resurface. While the moon washes the world with its milky light, my nocturnal and feral baby bear craves even more frolicking. I glimpse at the moon with its troubled smile, or is it my nighttime reflection I see from the glass? A noble, calm and guided light streaming through the window, I bet the celestial ceiling from her room looks remarkable with this light. If only she had the same thought. If only my little bear was diurnal.

21 thoughts on “Welcome to My Crib

    • Thank you the photo shoot lasted about an hour with only three waredrobe changes. What can I say my talent was a diva. So close to taking a nap but instead she put her bear and mouse to sleep notice not even they sleep in the bed. Kisses to all!


    • Glad we could sweeten up your day. Yes it been a disruptive, disturbing and devastating road we have been treading. It will require lots of courage and compassion to find another path where anger doesn’t weigh down hearts and impulsive actions are kept in check. We are grateful that we have baby bear’s high spirits to brighten our nest even if she rejects her nighttime requirement.

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  1. What a precious, playful little darling! The photos of her laughing just steal my heart! Don’t you just wonder what it is that keeps her moving about so long. She must be a very creative little wonder. That, and with such a wonderful room, and I do love the way it’s decorated, maybe it’s just too delicious to “close down” for the night. 🙂

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    • Thank you, yes she most definately has our hearts too. I thought about the distractions in her room, but she is like that in every room, and frequently even heads to other rooms particularly the kitchen or her brothers rooms too. Never have I had this challenge with the boys, then again they were not in four different nests by the time they were barely two.


  2. She isn’t adorable! Which makes it easy for her to charm you with it cuteness when you are trying to put her to bed. Lovely room, too


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