Left Side

Papa Bear’s side. And as of late the despondent side. I never was into politics; it never seemed to make a difference, and I have discovered that it really doesn’t. The cards were laid out long, long ago. The final candidates are pre-appointed, primed, coerced and miraculously fall into place. What I have noticed, however, is how the left and all its captive agencies shower our consciousness with only glum, savagery and perverse thoughts and behaviors. Pourquoi? I am a rule breaker by nature, not a follower and the latest guidelines make no sense at all. Apparently, they do to most, including Papa Bear. I hear this isn’t unusual in other households. Left versus right…division is the goal. If we give in the game is over. Here, the rays of the sun are flooding the left side…the light is inexorable. It will prevail, even as they run this charade until the wheels fall off.

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