Coming Back Home

12/12 portal…the last gateway for the amazing transformative 2020. I’m feeeeliiiing this energy coming through. 1212 is the most powerful number sequences in the Universe. It symbolizes your spiritual growth, manifestation of your intentions and awareness of your infinite being. Take heed to rest and integrate these frequencies. By nature, we are magic, unostentatiously lucid healers, not a vessel of virulent disease despite what has been narrated repeatedly. It’s getting old and has cultivated into an unofficial state of illusion and therefore I have no plea to tender myself before anyone who deems himself, Majesty, or any of his oppressors. No one has a magic trick up their sleeves for you. You are the only one to embrace and embody your unique gift. Take your own responsibility, loving yourself, accepting yourself and blooming fully into your magnificence. Get to work and find your heart song.

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