It’s Sausage Making Season

and I have no desire to ever indulge again. To be frank, it never felt right to me ingesting who-knows-what, but artisans rouse up so much excitement behind their formulas, you’d be none the wiser if you chose not to take a bite. Or would you? Why is it such a secret and more intriguing why use such clandestine means to challenge those who prefer to not feast on such highly seasoned meat. Surely if there’s a patent on the mysterious product, then full discloser and full consumer consent wouldn’t pose a threat. No one else would have the right to start manufacturing the product if it’s protected. So, what really is being safeguarded? When ingredients are exposed, somehow the exposer is labeled a quack, their careers fade away and sometimes they even disappear. And lo and behold, we find ourselves in another premeditated scenario and it’s a race to the finish line by various artisans to add yet another recipe to their curio collection. This time the recipe contains seasonings never before ingested. Add that to the already noxious mix and who knows what will become of the consumer after consumption. I’ll stick to my festive salads this season. Vegetables pulled from the Earth, despite our depleted soil, still pack-full of vitamins and antioxidants for a healthy system to function at its best. Unlike sausage making, Congress and the Supreme Court can’t acknowledge that this medley is “unavoidably unsafe” if the soil is glyphosate-free that is. No added neurotoxins either if water source was fluoride-free and finally no cell debris and DNA fragments. Bon appetite.

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